DivaSoulSista is the Internet alter ego of Karyn Beach. In addition to DivaSoulSista.com, Karyn is also a screenwriter. A short film based on one of her scripts, P.N.O.K. - Primary Next of Kin is currently in production. The film which stars Danny Glover and Irma P. Hall (of Soul Food fame) takes a personal look at the war in Iraq. P.N.O.K. follows two soldiers on 'notification detail.' On this particular day, the men must tell three families, the primary next of kin, that their loved one has been killed in battle. The events of the day not only change the lives of the families involved but they change the soldiers as well. After completion, P.N.O.K. will be making the rounds on the film festival circuit.

Currently Karyn is working on two projects, a documentary about an African female freedom fighter and a crime drama called Legalese. Additionally, she is the entertainment correspondent for Onyx magazine (www.onyxmagazine.com) and a contributor to the Word on the Street newsletter (http://www.thewots.info/).

Karyn's vision for DivaSoulSista continues to evolve. Hits to the site have grown consistently based on word of mouth alone. Over the coming months, she will be redesigning the site and preparing it for bigger and better things. The revamped DivaSoulSista will be more than a movie review site. It will be an online movie magazine complete with blog, polls, celebrity interviews and profiles of up and coming African-American filmmakers.


Although she is a black chick, DivaSoulSista and DivaSoulSista.com is not affiliated with 3BlackChicks or 3BlackChicks.com.



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