October Bizz Buzz

October 16, 2006

Actors Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey almost came to blows on the set of Grey’s Anatomy last week. The two argued over production issues. Although things got heated, the two actors never came to blows. Both men claim to have worked out their differences. Washington was quoted as saying, "We were like two baseball players... nose-to-nose. We had a difference of opinions while working on set but we've resolved it." A representative for Patrick Dempsey added this diplomatic response, "In close families arguments happen. They worked it out."

To prepare for his role in Catch A Fire, as former South African activist Patrick Chamusso, actor Derek Luke spent time in Robben Island prison where Chamusso served out a 10 year sentence and where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years. It was a sobering experience for Luke, “I'm walking around and they're showing me the different cells where Patrick could've stayed. They gave me this key and I think it was 006 or 007 and they told me to open up the cell. I walk in the cell and they asked me to lie down in the cell. So finally I do it and I remember lying in the cell and I felt like I was starting to shake. They said, 'Are you comfortable?' I said, 'I'm not comfortable.' They said, 'This is the cell of Nelson Mandela' He was in prison in this cell for 18 years. In a corner there was this pail and the pail is where he washed his clothes, where he ate and also where he went to the rest room because there was no toilet in the cell." Catch a Fire opens nationally on October 27.

A bout of the flu forced Usher to end his run as Billy Flynn in the Broadway production of Chicago a week early. The singer apologized to fans for his continued illness. The show’s producer, Barry Weissler, had nothing but wonderful things to say about Usher, who was a boon to ticket sales for the show. He said, "Usher made a spectacular Broadway debut, bringing a great dedication, work ethic and his amazing talent to the show. We all hope that he might return at some point for the many fans that were unable to see his wonderful performance as Billy Flynn. Usher has found a new home on Broadway and is welcome back anytime."

According to Variety, Charlize Theron might be joining Will Smith in the action flick, Tonight, He Comes. Smith plays a superhero who likes to party and has a way with the ladies; when he crash lands in a small town, he falls for a local married housewife, which would be Theron.

In other Will Smith news, he and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, are developing a medical drama for CBS. The series will take place at the Centers for Disease Control. The writers of CBS hit show Without a Trace are penning the pilot episode.

Because what we really need is yet another awards show, BET has announced the first BET Hip-Hop Awards. Included in the set of awards is one for Best Hip Hop Movie. And the nominees are: The ATL, Beef III, Boss’n Up, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Waist Deep.

Well, it turns out Madonna’s plans to adopt a Malawian boy weren’t just rumor. She’s in the process of adopting a one-year old boy named David Banda. The boy’s mother, Marita, died shortly after her son’s birth. His father, Yohame Banda. has agreed to the adoption provided that the boy be able to come back and visit with his birth family in his native land. He said, “I am very, very happy because as you can see there is poverty in this village and I know he will be very well looked after in America. We are told David will be coming back regularly to know his roots."

Disney is denying reports that there are plans to kill of Orlando Bloom’s character, Will Turner, in the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. In fact, any plans for a fourth installment are still in the very beginning stages.

October 9, 2006

Actress Tamara Dobson, best known for her role as Cleopatra Jones, has died. She was 59. According to her brother, the actress died from complications from multiple sclerosis and pneumonia. Dobson earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest actress in a leading film role. She was 6”3. Her Cleopatra Jones character was also the basis for Beyonce’s Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers’ Goldmember.

Halle Berry, who will next be seen in Things We Lost in the Fire with Benicio Del Toro, is lining up her next role. In The Class, she'll play, Tierney Cahill, a 6th grade teacher who took up a challenge by her class to run for Congress in 2000. Cahill lost but managed to get 35% of the vote. Doug Atchison, who wrote and directed Akeelah and the Bee, is directing.

Bobby Brown is headed to court and this time it has nothing to due with his divorce from Whitney Houston. He’s being dragged back into Massachusetts court by the mother of two of his children, Kim Ward, for owing two months (or $11,000) in back child support. The judge in the case had no sympathy for Brown’s marital woes. Family Court judge Paula Carey had this to say, “'Whether or not he's going through a divorce doesn't negate the fact that he still owes child support relative to his two children that he had prior to his marriage.”

Cancellation News:
According to the Fall TV calendar, September (August if you’re FOX) is when new shows debut. But October and November often bring – at best - scheduling changes to a few struggling shows and – at worst - cancellation to those shows that just aren’t pulling their weight.

CBS – They’ve moved the romantic sitcom How I Met Your Mother to 8PM on Monday night. It’s followed by The Class at 8:30. CBS also has one of the earliest cancellations of the season. The heist drama Smith starring Ray Liotta has been cut. Repeats of CSI and Criminal Minds are airing in its place.
CW – They are flipping their Sunday and Monday shows meaning the comedy block of Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends and The Game are moving to Monday nights. This Monday they are reairing the season premiere’s of all four shows. On Sundays, America’s Next Top Model will repeat, followed by new episodes of 7th Heaven and Runaway.
FOX – Most FOX shows are taking a break while the baseball season wraps up. After the World Series concludes, we can expect the following. Justice is moving to Monday nights following Prison Break. Vanished, which did occupy that coveted slot is being moved to Friday nights (not a good sign). House returns to Tuesdays at 8PM where it will be followed by Standoff at 9PM. 24 will return for its sixth season on January 14 and 15, with its usual two night premiere. Returning with Keifer Sutherland this season is D.B. Woodside (Wayne Palmer) and Roger Cross (Curtis Manning). Joining the 24 cast will be Regina King as Sandra Palmer (either as Wayne’s wife or sister) and Harry Lennix. When the season begins it will pick up 20 months after the end of last season when Jack Bauer was really on the slow boat to China.
NBCKidnapped, starring Timothy Hutton and featuring Delroy Lindo and Mykelti Williamson is being moved to Saturdays starting October 21. It’s also been canceled however NBC has promised to air all 13 episodes giving the show a chance to wrap up the kidnapping case. Starting this Wednesday, Dateline will take over the 10PM Wednesday time slot. Meanwhile the cast and crew of the new show Heroes should be breathing a sigh of relief. They have been picked up for the entire season.

She might have sung that her ‘love don’t cost a thing,’ but flying on a private jet sure does! Jennifer Lopez is being sued by a private jet company for being late on her payments for two chartered flights. She owes the company $35,000 for a flight to Puerto Rico and another to California. She flew with her husband, Marc Anthony and several other guests.

Eric Dane, who plays Dr. Mark Sloane on Grey’s Anatomy, has become a regular cast member on the series. Dr. Sloane was best friends with Derrick Sheppard (Patrick Dempsey) until he slept with his wife (Kate Walsh).

Marcia Cross (Bree on Desperate Housewives) is pregnant with twins. The actress who just got married in June is expecting twins due in April. In other Housewives news, Eva Longoria bruised a couple of ribs when she fell down some stairs as she was leaving her dressing room. Luckily, nothing was broken.

October 4, 2004

Terrence Howard is teaming up with Hustle & Flow writer/director Craig Brewer. Music is still the focus but they are going from hip-hop to country to bring to the big screen the story of country crooner Charley Pride and his wife Rozene. Howard will play Pride (I guess they hope Howard’s acting will overshadow the utter lack of a physical resemblance).

Madonna is not considering adopting a Malawian child. It's just a rumor. However, she’s in Malawi there to do something more relevant and far-reaching – setting up a series of education and feeding center for children orphaned in the small African country.

T-Mobile has dropped Catherine Zeta-Jones as their spokesperson. The company says the elegant actress doesn’t fit with their new marketing plans. But T-Mobile still loves some CZJ, through a spokesperson they said “When Catherine Zeta-Jones agreed to be our spokesperson four years ago, we could never have imagined the cache appeal she would have brought to T-Mobile. Her style, credibility and integrity have been a tremendous benefit for our company and our brand. We could not have asked for a better partner in launching T-Mobile than Catherine Zeta-Jones."

According to Esquire magazine, Scarlett Johansson, most recently of The Black Dahlia, is the Sexiest Woman Alive. The 21-year old actress hopes that her fans are interested in more than just her body parts. She said, “"What about my brain? What about my heart? What about my kidneys and my gallbladder?"



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